Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Elf Adventures

Our elves, Lucky and Buddy, have continued their fun antics in our household. Every morning the kids run around the house looking for the elves, and they are good...they always find them. The elves may have to get a little sneakier...

Who knew elves loved Wii so much? Maybe they were playing mini golf?

A little friendly game of Hungry Hungry Hippo's with some other friends from the North Pole...

Making a phone call to their elf friends.....

I think this is them making Mommy a cup of coffee....

Elves love chocolate....

A candy cane ladder....

Cards from the North Pole...

The elves left the kids a note to check Mommy's email...and there was a message from Santa for each kid. Very cute!

More elf adventures to come!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Elf Adventures Part 1

Our elves, Lucky & Buddy, have been extra mischievous this year! They have certainly upped their game for this 2011 Christmas season! So far we have had marshmallow snowball fights, cookie thievery, bedtime stories and hiding in an apple and plant. The kids have been having a blast (as have I) with all the antics of our elves. I can't wait to see what the next 20 days will bring!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

North Pole Breakfast!!!

This morning our Elf (Buddy) made his appearance! He also brought along a friend this year, Lucky the Elf, for Kenna and Degan! To make his grand appearance he brought breakfast for the kids.

He also brought along some treats for the kids like new plates, placemats, socks to keep their feet warm and a special letter...!

The kids are so happy that Buddy and Lucky are here!!!

After breakfast we put the elves on a Christmas wreath so they can start to get their Christmas magic to fly home to Santa. I have a feeling our Elves are going to be especially mischevious this year!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some rocking recognition!

I'm happy to report that the party planning website 'Catch My Party' has featured Alex's Rock Star party! Check this fun website out, they have tons of great party planning ideas!

Thank you to Jillian and the staff at Catch My Party!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A big rock star Celebration

My little man turns 6 this Thursday and we decided to celebrate in style. Since he was a little boy he has loved to dance, play instruments and sing so what better way to celebrate his special day then with a rock star theme!
Some of you may think that Justin Bieber has only affected the young girls but that's not true! My son and several of his little guy friends think he is the greatest. There is no better way to get my son to light up them to mistake him for a young Justin Bieber....! So to start the party off we created a 'step and retake' like at the Hollywood premieres. We had a red carpet, Hollywood stars with all the kids names in them, a backdrop and of course Justin.

After the kids had their photos taken they were given an all access VIP pass which guaranteed them unlimited candy and entertainment.

It is August so of course we had lots of swimming going on along with custom order snow cones for the kids.

No child can ever leave a party without lots of sugar so we made sure to cover our bases along with some fun items to remember Alex's party like Rock star lip gloss and pencils. My son also LOVES Jones Soda so I had custom labels made for him that turned out awesome!

Over the dessert table I got these great 36 inch balloons (thank you Shop Sweet Lu Lu) and also made two newspaper pom poms.

Of course what is a party without cupcakes and cake. I made the guitar cake with the help of Duff's cake kit and found this fun idea online for microphone cupcakes that turned out pretty cool!

Alex loved his cake so all the time to make it was totally worth it....

The centerpieces also turned out pretty cute! I ordered a pick punch online and made custom guitar pics with Alex's face on them and from pieces of the invitation. They made perfect confetti for the tables!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this such a memorable party for Alex. Lots of work went into this party from family and friends. A special thanks to all the vendors who made it possible and were so helpful. If you are interested in finding certain items from this party here are the main vendors I used:

Invitations, labels, VIP passes and soda labels done by DeanWorks on Etsy. (Kara from DeanWorks was extremely friendly and helpful!)

Balloons, cupcake holders, straws and goody bags are from Shop Sweet Lu Lu

The pails and containers holding the candy are from JoAnn's.

Rocker duckies, tattoos, and blow up guitars were from Oriental Trading Co.

Lipgloss and rocker pencils from Michael's.

Guitar pics were made with the help of Pick Punch.

I made the cake and cupcakes with help from Duff's cake kit at Michael's.

All of the amazing photos are from Sarah B Photography and my sister in law Cristina DaSilva.

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby boy!!!!!!