Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trip up North

Yikes, I am such a slacker! Not only have I not been blogging, but I haven't even been taking photos of my children - shameful I know. So this weekend while Paul was away in Vegas, doing an early 30th birthday celebration, I decided to head up north to Sacramento to visit family and friends - all the while determined to get some great photos of the kids. As you will see below, I think I did pretty good.

As always, Olivia and Amelia being together is a non-stop photo op. Those girls are just so darling and every time they see each other they seem to get more and more interactive with one another. I cannot wait for Kim to finish up nursing school (as is she!) so we can plan more regular play dates with the girls. But we got Kim and Livy almost all to ourselves this weekend and took full advantage, going to the mall, park and just hanging out at my mom's house.

While we were at the mall (yes, I had my camera at the mall) we went on a carosuel ride with the girls. While Alex is a seasoned professional, Amelia and Olivia had never been on one before - and it turns out they aren't big fans. Alex had a blast though riding a dragon with Nana.

We also went and got the kids fall shoes. I discovered I am a horrible mother and had been letting Alex walk around in size 9 shoes when he measured to be a size 11!! Eek! So needless to say he got a new pair and so did Amelia.

The mall out in Roseville has a great play area that the kids just loved. It was so bright and colorful so it was excellent for some very cute photos.

Saturday night my mother watched the kids for me (thank you Mom!!) and I was able to go out and meet up with some good friends from high school. We had a girls night out with no dinner and Kim was able to come along too. It was so great to catch up with Becky and Shannon. They are both awesome mothers and had some really great advice and stories to share with me. Shannon is pregnant with her 4th baby and is looking fabulous! Becky looks awesome too, as she always has. It was a great night filled with some margaritas, shopping and lots of chatting.

On Sunday my aunt, cousin and her two boys came down to visit us and we went to the park for a little picnic. The kids had a blast running around (even though it was 100 degrees) and got some energy out before our long ride back to Fresno.

Now I am back to work, work and more work. Hope you all have a wonderful week out there!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall is upon us....

I slack off for just a couple weeks on my blog and suddenly it is fall, although Fresno weather does not appear to have gotten the memo. It has been very hot here, but today is (hopefully!) the beginning of a cool down. However, in all other ways the fall season is upon us. School has started, pumpkin spice lattes are back and fall sports began- the only fall season thing my son is excited about!

Alex has been excited about soccer season starting all summer and yesterday he had his first game. One of our good friends call this age group playing soccer "bumble bee soccer" because the kids all look like little bees surrounding the hive as they swarm around the ball. Alex doesn't really have a clue as to what is going on, but is having a great time running around. We are going to work with him this week about getting the ball in your own team's net, but it is really most important that he is just having fun right now.

Alex is also happy because his best friend Sean is on his team with him. Which we thought would be a good idea but are now wondering if it really was a good idea watching them bicker and throw elbows at each other out there.

Amelia also had a blast watching brother play soccer and cheered him on in her own little way. Anyone that is out and about in Fresno is welcome to stop by and watch Alex kick the ball around every Saturday morning through October!!!