Friday, November 19, 2010

The world of Disney!

The time had come to visit with happiest place on earth again. This was Amelia's first visit, well outside of the womb that is since the last we went to Disneyland I was pregnant with her. I think it was a bit over stimulating for her but she loved "Mickey Mouse's house" as she called it. It was very special when we got to meet Mickey on Saturday morning!

It was every one's first time visiting California Adventure and it was a blast! Santa was there as well as a lot of fun characters. Between Disneyland and CA Adventure's, I think we met just about every Disney character.....

Alex was really into the rides this time and even braved the Haunted House. He also rode his first roller coaster, the Matterhorn! He absolutely loved it and could have ridden it all day. He also really loved the Toy Story ride and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Amelia was really into the rides when she wasn't too cranky. CA Adventure has a cute area called Bug Land (after A Bug's Life) and had lots of kid rides. The bug bumper cards where very fun. The kids also loved Dumbo over at Disneyland.

We also went right after Disneyland had decorated for Christmas and got to see the Christmas parade which was beautiful. Just the thing to get us all in the Christmas spirit! The kids really loved seeing all the characters dressed up.

Before we left Disneyland on Sunday we stopped by Goofy's kitchen and had breakfast. It was so cute and Alex had a belated birthday celebration by the characters. Fun for all!

We are back to reality now but Alex is already asking when we can go back...! It was great making these memories as a family and I do look forward to another trip, but for now we can enjoy all the memories and photos from this trip!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Race day!

The Trail of Two Cities Half Marathon was yesterday and once again Paul and I participated. The course changed a bit this year but I swear it was harder! Unfortunately my time reflected this at 2:17 which was much slower than my time last year of 2:05. Still, I finished and lived to tell about it!

Paul did amazing, despite slacking a bit on training. I swear that man must be 1/16 Kenyan!! He finished at 2:03 this year, what a stud! We are taking it easy these next few days but already talking about a spring half marathon, yeah! For now though - ice, wine and motrin!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween treats!

We have been celebrating Halloween in our household for a little over a week now and man oh man are the treats adding up! We started with a little Halloween themed movie night last weekend. I baked up some Halloween goodies to compliment the including Mummy dogs, mozzarella eyeballs, pumpkin creme stuffed brownie bites and carrot finger dip. We got a Halloween themed movie for the kids and us, however the Giants game started taking over....but a good time was still had by all! Especially by Alex and his new gal pal (don't call her his girlfriend or he gets so mad...!) Makayla. They are darling!!

This past Saturday Alex had his last soccer game and went out with a bang! He scored 3 goals during his last game!!! Very exciting, hopefully it continues over into next year so he plays again. Although now he is already talking about basketball. After the game we had a little pizza celebration. How cute is this monster themed cupcake cake?!

We were pretty low key for Halloween last night, just stayed around the new neighborhood and trick or treated. Very fun though and Alex ran into some school friends. Amelia really got into the trick or treating and had a blast running up to the houses. She was a darling ladybug and Alex was a great vampire. Paul even dressed up as a Chilean miner, so creative!

Happy Halloween everyone!!