Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time with the kids

These past two weeks I have gotten in a lot of quality time with the kids. Paul was gone for 5 days in Washington D.C. so I was single mom (with the help of Nana who came to visit thankfully!) for those 5 days. Alex really didn't do well having Paul gone, he kept asking when Paul would "be real again," because apparently phone calls aren't real enough for Alex!

Amelia continues to develop her personality which is quite funny. For the first 22 months of her life she despised TV of any kind but now has decided she loves Baby Einstein videos, but only if they feature babies and/or animals. She got a DVD player from her Aunt Cris for Christmas and it has been getting a lot of use lately (please no judging me! I've been a busy mommy lately and I promise I do lots of other things with her too!!!).

Amelia has also decided she enjoys Mommy's high heels and her Pinkalicious book. In fact she has been carrying that book around with her everywhere and will sit and listen to the whole book so well I have decided she is having a Pinkalicious birthday party. Darling!

Yep, that is her sitting in the middle of the kitchen table reading to Alex the other morning at home. Alex is still thrilled with his little sissy but they are starting to get to the age where they are fighting and bugging each other. And so it begins....

This weekend we also started doing some changes to our home. We are switching two of our rooms and have ordered a wall unit for our front room to act as a desk. Our current office is turning into a playroom/movie room. The first stage of this change was for Paul to paint three massive walls in our house but I am so thrilled with the way it turned out! Photos soon of the changes.

Meanwhile I am trying to stay current on the blog with new photos but (luckily) I have been quite busy with my private practice and teaching so it has been hard, but I will continue trying to be diligent about it! :)