Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soccer time!

With school in full swing now it is time for some fall activities!! Alex wanted to play soccer again this year so we signed him up for his school's soccer team. This year though he has a very special coach.....his daddy! Paul was really excited to be a coach and Alex was excited to have his daddy out there at practice and all the games leading his team to....well the field. I mean come on, they are all only 6 years old and aren't doing too many goals out there. They are all quite darling though and I love getting to know all the parents!

I am happy to report that Alex is adjusting really well to school. He has made lots of new friends and his current new 'best friend' Dylan is a very nice boy that Alex has a lot of fun with.

Although mother nature has not been cooperating with the temperature, the kids have been happy with the weather and loving our new house. My cousin Sarah took this amazing photo of the kids that I just love! It just looks like a great fall photo, such a great photo of the kids - it looks like it could be on the front of a card!

Happy fall everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A big 40th celebration!!

This weekend one of my great friends Debbie turned 40! Her husband planned an amazing weekend getaway with about 30 of her closest friends & family at the Central Coast. It was an amazing weekend of wine, food and great memories had by all. The birthday girl had lots of surprises all weekend long and really enjoyed herself.

We started off the weekend with a little bit if wine tasting and then dinner at our favorite sea side restaurant, The Sea Chest. Dave presented Debbie with a very special gift of a strand of pearls that were his late mother's. It was a touching moment that was special to be a part of.

We stayed the weekend in our favorite rental home right on Moonstone Beach drive and soaked in the sea air. The next morning we got up and Dave had arranged for a limo to pick up 17 of us to go wine tasting for several hours. Debbie had no idea and was so surprised when the limo pulled up to the house!

We tasted some great wines at Eberle, Castoro (and we joined yet another wine club, eek!), 4 Vines and Eagle Crest. The wine was great and the scenery was beautiful!

After wine tasting we got ready for Debbie's big dinner celebration at The Hamlet. It was a great dinner, with an awesome cake drove over from Eddie's Bakery! Dave also put together an amazing slide show of photos for Debbie and we did a mini roast. More food, more great wine and lots of laughter.

What a great weekend! Happy 40th Birthday Debbie!!!