Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas time in the Soares Household

Christmas time is here, and so is the stress! I love the holidays but getting everything together has made things pretty crazy around here. The holidays are in full swing and the kids are very excited for Christmas. Okay, Amelia doesn't know what is going on but Alex is very excited. Even Ernie is in the Christmas spirit as you can see!

The day after Thanksgiving we had all the Christmas decorations up and I was out shopping at 3 a.m. on Black Friday for gifts. Alex has been in the "I want this" mode so buying for him has been easy. Amelia is at the age where she is a bit tough, she is too old for infant toys but a lot of the toddler toys are too big for her. She is very into baby dolls so I have been going that route.

This past weekend my mom came down and we made cookies, toffee, homemade marshmellows and fudge. Both kids were estatic to help with this task and Alex is turning into quite the little baker.

Our plan is to take the kids to see Santa this week, Alex is very excited to tell Santa about the Batman toy he wants and we anticipate the infamous screaming photo out of Amelia. Every parent has to have one! Check back to see how it goes.....!