Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday bash

I cannot believe I am the mother of an (almost) four year old child! We celebrated Alex's fourth birthday this weekend, even though his birthday isn't until August 18th. However, please don't tell Alex he isn't four yet or he will dissolve into tears. "I am a big kid now," he informs me on a daily basis.

Alex decided on dinosaurs for this year's party and this theme turned out quite cute. I loved his cake (and it tasted so delicious!) and he got lots of new dinosaur friends for his birthday. Although the favorite toy this year was a Bumblebee Transformer he'd been eying for quite some time now.

One of the best parts of birthday parties are the guests of course! Some special guests this time were Kimberlily and Baby Livy! We are always so glad to see them and it was so great this visit to watch Amelia and Olivia actually start playing together. I can just see the bond forming between them and growing stronger everyday. They would light up when the other would walk into the room. They had great fun this past weekend feeding each other, playing in the pool and just running around.

Cierra, our niece, also has been here this summer from Canada. Cierra and Alex have also been having a great time running around and getting into all sorts of trouble. My sister in law Cris has a CD of photos she is giving to me this coming weekend with lots of photos on it, but here are a couple I got this past weekend.

As I stated above, there are more photos to come after I get my hands on that CD, but I wanted to share a bit of the birthday festivities this past weekend! Alex has been recovering from all the excitement these past few days!

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