Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter weekend up in Chico. It was so much fun visiting with family and celebrating the holiday with them. Alex and Amelia had a blast with their cousins and slept very well while we were up there! As my cousin's husband said, "Chico is hard on little kids!" Now that we are home Alex is bored and wants to know where all the people are to play with! Amelia had so much fun running around after the boys too and cousin Jack is so sweet with her.

We stayed with my cousin Ann who is always so welcoming and accommodating to us. Amelia loved swimming in her spa and even learned how to blow bubbles. She looked pretty cute in her cousin's goggles.

On Easter Sunday mass amounts of sugar were consumed by everyone. My diet went out the window as I went into a sugar coma. Amelia was introduced to Peeps and loved them! She probably ate half a box yesterday.

My cousin had a great Easter egg hunt for all the kids and it was so much fun to watch all of them out hunting for eggs, despite it being so cold out!

Despite the cold and rainy weather we got some great family photos which is always a bonus! However as you can see in the photo below, Amelia refused to let go of the Peeps!

We traveled home yesterday and today the kids are home with Paul and I. Tomorrow things will be back to normal for everyone, including all this candy getting out of this house! I have no willpower against jelly beans and chocolate!

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Sarah B. said...

looks like you had a fun easter! the kids look so cute!