Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beach babies

A recent trip to the beach gave me a chance to take some great photos. Lucky for me my sister in law, who is an amazing photographer up in Canada, gave me some tips on editing my photos. I am really happy with the new tricks I learned.

All of these are done on the FREE program of Picasa which is a google program.

This one was done using 'focus' color. You turn the photo black and white and then choose what area you want featured in color. I love this photo of her, makes her look like Ms. America!

Me and my mini me! I love the soft glow effect.

Got some great new photos of me and my love.

My niece Livy came to visit for a few days. The girls were so darling together and I got some really beautiful shots of them. Just love it!

Learning all these new tricks will come in handy for Alex's big birthday party coming up. Lots of 'Rockstar' photos coming soon!

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