Sunday, December 7, 2008

A gingerbread weekend

My mom came down this weekend to visit her beautiful grandchildren and also to make cookies with me. Amelia got in the holiday spirit by being decked out in her gingerbread cookie outfit - so cute!!! We made plenty of gingerbread cookies (my favorite!), stained glass ornament cookies and persimon cookies. The stained glass ornaments were new this year. We got the cut outs at William Sonoma and you cut out the cookies and then melt broken lifesavers in the voids that are left from the cut outs. Pretty cool!

As always Alex was the helper in the kitchen. His favorite is always eating the cookie dough in the end!! He got a little gingerbread apron that he loved and wore while he assisted in the kitchen. He was kind enough to also taste test our final products and he gave the thumbs up for all our hard work!!

I am exhausted as I type this after 2 days of baking and decorating but am happy with the results. A lot of these cookies are going to my co-workers, neighbors or friends this week. I plan on having a few other small baking nights during the week this week and then my friend Channone is coming up closer to Christmas to make some cookies as well. I also hope to make some toffee and fudge. What is Christmas without those lovely holiday pounds?! I plan to relax tonight with a glass of wine and a hot bath. But first we are going to Christmas Tree Lane to look at lights and continue enjoying the holiday spirit.

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kbrown said...

The kids outfits look adorable!!! Know I think Olivia needs a gingerbread outfit too of course. You were not kidding when you said a 'ton' of cookies!!!