Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saying good bye to Pulga

I am sad to say that Pulga is no longer with us. She is in a better place now begging at the dinner table and snuggled up somewhere in the great beyond. Many of you know that she had a liver problem diagnosed as a young pup and in the end it flared up and caused complications that were to difficult to fix. As any of you who have lost a pet knows, losing a pet that has been in your family is a very sad thing to go through. Pulga drove me up the wall at times, but she was my first 'baby' and was there for me after my dad died.

I posted this picture of her as a baby, she is only about 8 weeks old in this picture and it was her first day home with us back in our old apartment. She weighed 1.2 pounds when I first brought her home. Paul and I put a collar on her with a bell because we were afraid we would lose her. I also remeber that Alex's first word was Pulga. Her behavior these past few months has been horrid, but I now attribute this to her health problems (I too am cranky when I am sick) and I feel a lot of guilt. I am trying to focus on the good memories and get used to her not being around. Earlier the doorbell rang and I prepared myself to wrangle her in and calm her barking only to remember she is gone now. We are left with our memories, some good and some bad. But she was a part of our lives and will never be forgotten.


Sarah said...


I was thinking last night how sad it will be to open your front door and not have pulga barking in excitement to see me.

~cHaNnOne~ said...

Oh I am so sorry! That little Pulga used to accompany us on many lunch outtings in your purse! That was way before Alex or Amelia. So sad. ((((--))))) There is a cyber hug.

kbrown said...

What a sweet and sad blog entry corn! It almost brought a tear to my eye, then I remembered how much cleaner you house will be now and again, just a bit of jealousy!