Thursday, February 26, 2009

And we are off....!

After a very hectic week we are leaving tomorrow for our 9 day vacation in Punta Cana. To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement. This week has been craziness! I am happy to report that my grandma came home today from the hospital. She had a partial hip replacement on Monday and is already doing pretty well. She has even been up using the walker.

On Monday, the same day my grandma was in surgery, I took Amelia into the dr's for her 9 month well baby check up. The doctor was impressed with how well she is growing and commented numerous times what a happy girl she is. She is now almost 29 inches long and 19 pounds! They did a finger prick to check her iron though and to the dr's great surprise it came back low which worried the dr. So we had to take Amelia out to Children's Hospital Monday night for a blood draw and further blood tests. I was freaking out of course, trying not to think of all the kids I've worked with in the past that started their illnesses out the same way.... Tuesday morning the dr called though and said all of Amelia's tests came back perfect and gave her a clean bill of health. Whew! What a relief! As you can see from this picture I have no idea how I ever doubted she was anything but healthy. Her and Alex have been LOVING the box that came with our dishwasher and Alex has named it his clubhouse.

So with all the medical dramas going on this week that left me scrambling a bit today to get everything together. But as of right now the kids are completely packed, Alex even has his own carry on full of new toys he hasn't even seen yet and snacks. I didn't have time to get Alex's hair cut so Paul touched up his side burns and back a little, but Alex wasn't too happy about it.

I have just a few things left but overall am feeling pretty prepared. I am getting ready to get my camera all prepped and ready to go so I have lots of pictures to share when I get back!!! Please send all good thoughts our way....I am not the biggest fan of air travel since we always seem to have some sort of bad luck and get stuck somewhere...ugh. But hopefully this goes smoothly! Talk to you all soon!

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Come back! I miss you!