Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun in the sun!

We're baaaaaacccckkkkk....! We had an amazing time in Punta Cana and I will be doing several posts of our trip since I took over 400 pictures! Yikes! We were suppose to get home Sunday but due to U.S. Airways (who SUCK!!!) we didn't get home till Monday at noon. I need to go through all the pictures and start whittling them down but for now here are some of the highlights:

The beaches were amazing, as was the pool. The resort was pretty spread out and a huge pool was spread out throughout the middle of the resort. We got in good pool time let me tell you! Alex pretty much just jumped right in, but Amelia was really unsure of the water at first and wanted nothing to do with it but in a few days learned she could splash and have fun, so she is now a fish just like brother!

Every resort should have this....a swim up bar! Loved it!

We stayed at an all inclusive resort, but there were still plenty of people trying to make a buck (can't blame them) and one of them was this guy with a monkey walking around and taking your photo. So of course I had to buy some. Alex was into it, but not like Amelia. Oh she wanted that monkey so bad! She kept grabbing for it and Alex wanted to take it home.

Going along with Amelia's love for animals, she loved this little crab we found on the beach. She had no fear what so ever! I think she will be my animal lover....look at how she just looked at it and then gave it a little kiss! Or really, was just trying to eat it! (Disclaimer, Paul took off the pinchers so she couldn't get hurt at all, don't worry!)

We took this trip with our family, and I was so glad Alex got a chance to spend time with his big cousins, Jack and Nick. He just loves them and followed them around everywhere. He keeps asking me when he can see them again and I think he misses them more than the beach!

Well, I have some more great pictures of family, beautiful scenery and fun times to post but will have to compile a few more messages and edit the pictures a bit more. I just was anxious to get a few pictures up for you all to see. I leave you with more family picture and a promise to but more up soon!


~cHaNnOne~ said...

YAY!! You're back! Looks so pretty there! Glad you guys had fun!

Carin said...

Great pics! I LOVE the one of Alex with his cousins. That's a framer. Glad you guys got back safely. Let me know when you want to meet up so I can offload some clothes and the Bunko stuff. Julie has a card table if you nee done.