Sunday, October 4, 2009

The blushing bride....

Not me, it has been 6 years already since I was a blushing bride, but my cousin Sarah is getting married!! She and her boyfriend (now fiance) Josh have decided to walk down the aisle this coming April. Since the big day is only 6 months away, we went dress shopping at David's Bridal for her today. My little cousin has always been adorable, she was so stinking cute as a toddler, but to see her today all grown up in her beautiful wedding gown, full of excitement for her future, was a beautiful thing to witness. As you can see, she will make a gorgeous bride and I hope her fiance realizes how lucky he is.
Sarah's friend Ashley and I also tried on bridesmaid dresses and decided upon this one (but pay NO attention to the hideous color, they will be yellow).

Besides playing "wedding planner" this weekend with Sarah, our household took it easy. I continued with my training for my half marathon next month, completing 7 miles this morning. I had gotten off track this past week so I was happy to be able to complete this much mileage today. However, my muscles are none to happy right now.

Alex has been under the weather all weekend with a virus that is giving him a horrible sounding cough and fever. So far, fingers crossed, Amelia hasn't gotten it. Alex's weekend consisted mostly of him laying in bed watching Batman or Shrek in our bed. Amelia thought this was a great idea and climbed into bed with him several times.

Well, I am off to ice my knees and turn in early tonight. Wishing everyone else out there a happy, and healthy, week.

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Sarah said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking pictures! I loooove love love love that second one! my hair needs to be dealt with... haha