Sunday, November 15, 2009

The finish line....

One week ago today Paul and I completed the Trail of Two Cities Half Marathon here in Fresno. It was a great run and a very well put together event. This was my 3rd half marathon and Paul's first. We both did well, finishing in respectable times. Paul completed the run in 1:55 and I did it in 2:06, which is 4 minutes faster than my last half marathon. We were sore and tired Sunday night and Paul swore he'd never do another run....and then a few days later we signed up for another half marathon in Huntington Beach. So February 7, 2010 we will run yet another 13 miles and hopefully improve our times again!

The photos of the half marathon just posted to the website and we plan to order some, so check back later for photos of the run to be posted!

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