Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ringing in the New Year - beach style

This year was the 4th year we have rung in the new year in Cambria, and is the 7th year we have brought in the new year with our good friends Dave and Debbie. We rented the same house we did last year, which is located right on Moonstone Beach Drive. Our front balcony gave us a beautiful ocean view which I enjoyed most mornings while drinking my coffee.
The kids of course love being at the beach as much as we do. All four kids made daily trips down to the beach and had fun running around the house together. Alex and Sean still bickered a lot this trip, but it was a little better than last year. They are so close it is like they are brothers, that great love/hate relationship.

Amelia also had a great time playing on the beach, was a pleasant change from this summer when she hated touching the sand! She really liked digging in the sand and learned to say "agua" when looking at the ocean. It was so nice spending so much time with her and Alex this week, especially since lately I have been so busy with work it felt good to reconnect with my beautiful kids.
There is a beautiful park near the house we rent and we walked the kids over a few times and let them run off some energy. They slept really well on this vacation!

Paul and I also had a great time wine tasting with Dave and Debbie. We had a babysitter for a day and took time to go out and try some new wineries. Of course we came home with quite a bit of wine to enjoy! We also ate at our favorite place - The Sea Chest. As usual the food was excellent, especially the oysters!
The weather was so beautiful and clear, it was hard coming home to all the fog here in Fresno, but we got a beautiful sunset before we came home. It was like the beach was saying good bye to us, or telling us to hurry back!

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