Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend Recap

I know Valentine's Day was several days ago but I wanted to share our great weekend. Paul and I had so much fun taking a long weekend to my mom's house in Sea Ranch, leaving the kid's with Paul's parents. We hadn't been up there since Labor Day weekend so we were really excited to go spend some time at the house. On the way there we stopped and did a little wine tasting at Domaine Carneros. You know, the stuff you don't usually do when you have two little rugrats with you most of the time.

When we got to Sea Ranch it was full relaxation mode. There is a bakery there (Two Fishes Bakery) that is amazing. I mean out of this world coffee, fresh pastries and sandwiches. We would walk over to the bakery, played tennis, drank some wine, I went for a run, watched some movies - just laid back times. It was exactly what we both needed after all the craziness of these past few months between my working so many jobs and getting my business up and running, and Paul's very demanding job of being C.O.O. On Valentine's Day we decided to stay in and Paul grilled us up some amazing lobster tail and filet mignon. It was so yummy. I am so lucky to have such a great husband who takes care of me. And he got me a wonderful Valentine's Day gift - a Kindle. :)

Before we left on our getaway though we got the kid's prepared for Valentine's Day. They had a celebration for Valentine's Day at their daycare and exchanged cards and treats. Alex was excited about his X-Men Valentine's Day cards and since I am on a huge baking kick lately, I made red velvet cupcakes that turned out awesome.

Once we got back from the beach life as usual of course resumed. I had a busy week of seeing clients but got to stay home with the kids today. Amelia's little feet have been growing like crazy so we got her new shoes today and played at the playground at the mall. Her new little shoes are so cute, they are Saucony's which are the same brand as my running shoes. Now she has little running shoes just like Mama. :)

The kids were so exhausted when we got home and took great naps. Amelia was darling though when they woke up, she wanted to put bows in her hair. But her choices were, urm, interesting? Pink polka dots and lime green? She is darling though no matter what she wears.

This is Amelia being extra silly.....

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