Monday, May 17, 2010

Babies and Birthdays

We had a busy spring weekend these past few days full of babies and birthdays! It started off with a fun visit from Channone and Baby Noah. My kids are dying for a baby brother after playing with Noah for the afternoon (sorry kids, you are outta luck!) They were so loving towards him though and had so much fun reading to him, playing with him and rolling around the floor. At times they almost smothered him with their love!

After a fun day with Baby Noah we drove up to Sacramento to celebrate Livy's 2nd birthday with her!!!! We were glad to have Livy and Kim come visit us a few weeks ago for Amelia's birthday so we were happy to return the favor. Kim and I worked hard on getting cookies and decorations ready while the kids played and ran around on sugar highs all day Saturday. The results of our hard work were amazing, Kim pulled off such a great party for her baby girl!

Mine and Kim's cookie creations!

Amelia playing with one of Livy's new babies, rocking her to sleep!

Kim, my cousin Paul and I. Such a great reunion!

The birthday girl! Such a sweetie!

The birthday girl with her birthday cupcake!

My sweet boy enjoying his red velvet cupcake.

The beautiful goody table and party favors. Great job Kim, it was such a beautiful party!!

Paul was a great sport all weekend helping us out with the party and keeping an eye on the kids. I have such a great hubby. :)

I always love watching the girls play together and I see them being future best friends, or twin souls as I call my twinie.

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