Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Pinkalicous Party

Amelia loves the book 'Pinkalicious' so I decided it would be a perfect theme for her 2nd birthday party. This theme is becoming quite popular and I was lucky to find so many wonderful ideas out on the web.

For those of you not familiar with the book it is about a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes that her mother made and becomes pink herself. She loves the color pink so she is quite happy but eventually to go back to her regular self she must eat lots of green food, which she hates. It is such a cute little story and Amelia absolutely loves this book, and cupcakes so perfect fit for her!

The first thing I wanted was a pink table with lots of pink goodies. I had pink cupcakes, pink gum, pink cookies, oreos dipped in pink chocolate, lollipops and even pink marshmallows. The kids each could pick up a goody bag and fill it with yummy treats to take home (the parents didn't love this so much!)

For set up I had Paul build a huge backdrop that I hung pink fabric from (this is what is behind the goody table up above). For the guest's tables I had pink flowers in vases stuffed with pink tissue paper. Of course all plates, napkins and utensils were pink too.

We had lots of fun pink food as well. I made peanut butter and jelly sammies for the kids cut out in the shape of dresses, deviled eggs died pink and pink lemonade.

Keeping in tune with the book I had a table with green food. Nothing yucky though! Spinach dip, chips with guacamole, green lollipops, caesar salad and green jello salad made this table quite a hit.

The kids all seemed to have a blast. We had a big pink castle bounce house that the kids bounced in for hours! Amelia, Alex and Livy really got a ton of use out of it since we had it for well over 24 hours. All the kids slept well that night!

I managed to talk Paul into wearing a pink shirt but Alex wanted nothing to do with 'Pinkalicious' and wearing a pink shirt. I did talk him into at least wearing some green though!

Amelia had so much with Livy visiting and they were so cute during the party sharing their treats with each other. I love seeing them play and enjoying each other so much.

This was the first time I have not had an actual birthday cake for one of the kid's birthdays but Amelia seemed happy with her cupcakes and enjoyed them as did all the other kids.

This party was sooooo much work but I'm so glad I did it and that everyone enjoyed it, especially my darling girl.

The party came together very well and I am so thankful for everyone who helped out and made all my ideas come to life for Amelia and her friends to enjoy!


Sarah B. said...

I loved everything, you are so creative! I am craving one of those delicious cupcakes :)

~cHaNnOne~ said...

Such cute ideas! Noah is sad to have missed Amelia's party (mommy is sad too for missing all the pink goodies!) How in the world did you die pink eggs?