Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Busy Days of Summer

I cannot believe it will be July in just a few days! Where has June gone?! I guess days by the pool and a trip to Pebble Beach makes the days fly by!

Last weekend Paul & I volunteered Thursday thru Sunday at the US Open in Pebble Beach. I agreed to sign up because come on, Pebble Beach, but I wasn't sure what to expect since I am not a big golf fan. I have to say though, I am now officially a fan of golf. The US Open was so much fun and I got swept up in all the excitement! I really enjoyed myself and look forward to volunteering in two years at the US Open in San Francisco. I may even take a few golf lessons this summer. :)

I don't have a lot of photos from the event because no cameras were allowed inside but I do have one photo we had taken in the Lexus tent of us with the trophy, yes the actual trophy!

We had several friends also attending the US Open so we also had some fun nights out with them eating dinner and watching a band at one of the local bars. A lot of fun times with old and new friends.

This past week we spent time catching up with laundry and work. This weekend the temperatures finally got up there, we all knew it was coming. The kids are really enjoying all the time outside, especially the time in the pool!

As a belated father's day gift I took the kids to Color Me Mine to make him a coffee mug for work and a special plate. It was quite an experience let me tell you. What they enjoyed more though was the playground right outside the store. Oh well, Paul still got a very cute mug out of it!

I'm sure I will have lots more swimming pictures to come with this 100 degree weather upon us! We have fun plans of BBQ's and 4th of July celebrations coming up next weekend. With all these fun activities my kids have been sleeping great, as have I! Hope everyone is staying cool out there!

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