Monday, January 19, 2009

Family + Long weekend + Sunshine = Happiness!

After an extremely stressful week at work (still have yet to receive my the unpaid portion of my paycheck....argh) we had an awesome weekend! It started with my cousin Kim coming to visit with her baby girl Olivia. Kim & I try to get our girls together as often as the 3 hour distance between us allows. Since Kim & I were so close growing up we hope our girls will be close as well, they are only 6 days apart in age so they should be great friends! I had bought them matching Valentine's Day outfits properly making the statement of who they favor.....

Kim & I were soooo lucky that my wonderful, generous, loving husband agreed to watch Alex, Amelia & Olivia so Kim & I could attend a 12 hour scrapbook crop at my scrapbook store. Eeekkk! Luckily my in laws came down to help too! Kim & I had so much fun having some time together and working on our scrapbooks. I have recently sucked her into the world of scrapbooking and it is so much fun to have someone else to scrapbook with! She is very new at it but learning quickly. I haven't had any time to work on pages so I worked diligently on Amelia's baby book and am pretty well caught up now! I also managed to work on our family album a bit as well. Here are a few pictures of pages I completed:

Sunday Paul went golfing with some friends, which he highly deserved at that point! Kim & I spent time with the kids and let them play. Alex is so sweet with both girls, he just dotes on them. He was constantly fetching them snacks and toys as they grunted or squealed for them. We were all sad to see Kim & Olivia leave later that afternoon, but we hope to visit them soon.

Today Paul & I took advantage of the sunshine and a day off from work and took the kids to the park. Alex had fun on the playground and Amelia even took a couple of trips (assisted of course) down the slide and loved it! She wore her new daisy outfit I just got and looked too cute!

I am feeling rested and prepared to go back to work tomorrow. I wish every weekend could be a 3 day weekend!!! I wonder who I should talk to about that.....


~cHaNnOne~ said... many pages did you get done? I completed 4 pages in the hotel room this weekend. Love the fashionista hat, btw.

kbrown said...

I had a GREAT time too! I always miss you guys -- DAMN you for living so far!