Friday, January 9, 2009

Sarah turns the big 2-1!

My cousin Sarah turned 21 on January 4th! A very exciting day for her! Funny thing about January 4th is that not only is Sarah's birthday, who is my paternal aunt's daughter, but my cousin Jessie, who is my maternal aunt's daughter, was also born on January 4th, the same year, so she too turned 21.

This year is a big birthday year for our family. My other cousin Ann turns 40, my mom turns 65, my aunt turns 60, Amelia turns 1 and Paul turns 30. Whew! I better start saving up for birthday celebrations!

When I asked Sarah what she wanted for her 21st birthday she said for me to take her out for some drinks. Paul is never one to be left behind so we got a babysitter and Paul took Sarah and I out for drinks on the town. We introducted Sarah to some of her new favorite cocktails at The Elbow Room first, where we also fed her a starchy dinner! She is now a fan of Lemon Drops and also took a Butterball shot - which is comprised of Butterschotch Snaaps and Amaretto. After dinner we went over to Pangea's bar and she had a Chocalatini and some dessert. I indulged a bit last night, going off my week's diet, by having an Appletini and some of the creme brule we got for dessert.

It was a fun night and one to remember. Sarah is usually our babysitter so it was fun to have some strictly 'adult' time with her since she is now officially an adult!

Happy Birthday to my dear cousins Sarah and Jessie!


Sarah said...

THANKS SO MUCH! I had such a fun time && i loooved those lemondrops :]

~cHaNnOne~ said...

Aww remember you're 21st birthday?! I didn't think it was that long ago... half of Riverpark didn't even exist back then! ha! Good ol' days