Saturday, March 14, 2009

Highlights of our trip

Here is post 2 of 3 from our trip....this post centers around some of my favorite moments and pictures from our trip. Tune in for my last post about our trip which will hopefull be up by Sunday or Monday. I am finally finishing up teaching my two University of Phoenix classes so I should have a bit more time in the near future! I have been greatly neglecting my scrapbooks and Tivo!

While at the resort Alex became friends with 4 year old twin boys, Jack and Eric. They had fun together swimming in the kiddi pool, building sand castles and as seen below, playing at the beach. Kate, Jack and Eric's mom, told me the boys had been scared of the ocean but became fearless once they saw Alex running into the water. I had a nice time talking with Kate and getting to know her as well. They left a few days before us to return to Canada, where it was suppose to be 19 degrees. It made me appreciate our California winters!

The scenery around the resort was gorgeous! There were beautiful palm trees and plush greenery everywhere! There were even parrots and flamingos! Alex loved the flamingos and even fed them one day.

Despite careful efforts of applying 50 proof sunscreen, Alex got sunburned our first full day there. He was not happy about it or me taking this picture...

I am a little biased when I say this, but my kids are pretty stinkin cute. All the resort workers agreed though & were always making a fuss over our kids. This guy even took Amelia behind the bar and gave her a little 'drink making 101' class.

The resort had awesome beds everywhere, both on the beach and poolside. We were lucky enough to get them a few times during our trip and they were quite divine. Nothing like being truly spoiled by laying on a bed and taking in the beach!

The fruit there was amazing and plentiful....there was even this 'fruit lady' who would cut the fruit into these amazing designs and put it on a stick for ya.

Our balcony had a bathtub jacuzzi on it that we used everyday. The kids loved it! Alex would always ask after his nap if we could 'go get cozzi in the cuzzi.' Too cute!

Alex loves Nemo and loves the scene where the diver takes Nemo and keeps asking for diving stuff. So we got him some at the resort, he loved it. Couldn't take it off so for all of you who have seen "Big Daddy" with Adam Sandler, here is his Scuba Steve picture.

They had these cool bridges everywhere to get to rooms and the other side of the pool so I just had to take this picture of Paul and Alex on it.

My friend Carin gave me a ton of gorgeous summer clothes for Amelia and the last night I put her in this white dress. I just love the way this picture came out, she looked so cute in this dress.

One of Alex's favorite parts of the trip were the airplane rides (however it was my least favorite...) When we were flying back Monday morning from the Vegas airport I found Alex parked in front of this huge window gazing out at the airplanes, isn't this a great picture?

Wow looking at all these pictures makes me ready to go again! Better go call my mom! :)

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~cHaNnOne~ said...

It is mean, but I can't help but chuckle at Alex's little sun-burned body and the irritated look on his face! Poor guy! ha ha!