Friday, March 27, 2009


I have a confession to make....I always really wanted a girl. I love Alex to bits and pieces, but when we got pregnant a second time I wanted a girl and hoped I could go crazy with bows and pink and tutu's galore. So ever since Amelia was born I've been dying to put her hair in pigtails, and ta her hair (kind of) went into pigtails for the first time! Very exciting and she looked awfully cute. Alex and Paul thought she looked like Boo off of Monster's Inc. with them!

Other than our big hairstyling accomplishments this week it has been pretty much a recovery week for us. The kids and I are finally over our colds after laying low for a few days this week. Amelia and I are still hanging on to a bit of a cough but overall are back to our regular selves. I've been in birthday mode, shopping for all sorts of items for Amelia's first birthday that is around the corner! Again, it has been fun planning a flower/cupcake/butterfly themed birthday for little missy. Not that Alex's trucks galore party last year wasn't a great time...!

We've also been getting great use out of our kitchen...Amelia is especially happy with her newest bath tub.

This weekend we plan to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We are having a garage sale tomorrow morning to clear out some clutter and then tomorrow evening plan on having some friends over. Low key just the way I like it!

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