Thursday, April 16, 2009

A lovely Easter weekend

I apologize for the late post and thank my hubby for a reminder that I was slacking! I can't believe I didn't post earlier especially since I am so thrilled with the pictures I took on Easter! I suppose since I am deeply involved now in the world of Facebook I neglected my blog a bit. Sorry to any of my followers out there.

It was especially exciting this weekend to get an excellent new family photo!! You really can never have enough of those and I was really happy with the way this one turned out.

My mom was also down and we got a good shot with her as well as a nice shot of me with the kids.

I also was fortunate enough to get some great shots of the kids in their sweet little Easter outfits.

Amelia's first Easter went well. She loved holding the plastic eggs and shaking them to hear whatever was rattling around inside of them. The eggs are the perfect size for her little hands to grasp so she had fun with a few of them while Alex went on his egg hunt.

Alex had a great time hunting dinosaur and sea life shaped eggs around our backyard. He was on total sugar overload though! Luckily my mom made him a cape instead of just filling him up on candy and he has been glued to this cape ever since. We had to explain that even Superman and Batman take off their capes to sleep and bathe. He also got a light saver from my cousin Ann so he has been in full super hero mode!

Other than the egg hunt and consuming mass amounts of sugar we kept it low key this Easter. Paul's parents and my cousin Sarah and her boyfriend Josh came over for an Easter lunch and then we just hung out the rest of the day. This week we have been trying to ration candy out to Alex (and I have been trying to do the same for myself). I did donate a large amount to my workplace so it wasn't just sitting around the house.

This weekend and next week I will be running around to finish up things for Amelia's birthday that is a week from today! I can't even believe it! Time flies when you have two kids that keep you running.....

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