Sunday, April 26, 2009

You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Is there anything better at a baby's first birthday party than watching them eat their cake? Ah, baby's first sugar! I had a feeling Amelia would dive right in and she sure did! So far we haven't found any food she doesn't like and she sure does love cake. Or actually frosting to be more accurate. After I put her hand in the frosting and she tasted it she just went for it...!

Even though she really had no clue what was going on and that this major celebration was in her honor, I think she had a good time at her birthday party. Alex had a blast with his friends bouncing in the bounce house and hitting down the most indestructible pinata I have ever seen. This thing would not burst open, Paul ended up just free falling it from the balcony up above.

Amelia looked darling in her tutu I had gotten for her. She even struck some ballerina like poses for me!

It was a really nice day and I was so happy that so many friends and family came down to celebrate this milestone with us. My mom was down of course and Grandma and Grandpa Toy also made the three hour drive! Amelia is certainly loved! She also got some beautiful clothes and fun new toys (Mommy is excited about the clothes). Her favorite new toys so far have been a toy piggy bank and teapot set.

Once again I want to wish my beautiful little girl a happy 1st birthday! You are a one of a kind cutie pie that is for sure! We love you so much!

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~cHaNnOne~ said...

Aww... looks like it was a great party!! And you are getting GOOD with the camera missy! I hope the clothes fit her. The shoes might be a little big right now, but I figured by August it will still be super warm and they should fit by then! Lol about the pinata!