Monday, May 25, 2009

Sea Ranch Weekend

We are back from the coast, and back to the Valley heat. When I left the beach this morning I was wearing Uggs and a sweatshirt over my outfit, now I am in a tank and flip flops. Needless to say, we very much enjoyed our weekend away where the high was 60 all weekend and in the morning we were greeted by a view of the ocean while sipping our coffee. Paul and I haven't had a weekend to ourselves in several months and it was really nice to reconnect as a couple and spend some time relaxing. That also included catching up on some much needed sleep!!!

BUT, it wasn't all fun and games. The beach house up at Sea Ranch was much in need of some TLC so Paul and I earned our keep this weekend. Due to the mild climate at the coast some beautiful flowers grow well over there.....

but things also GROW LIKE CRAZY!! We took advantage of a once a year pick up Sea Ranch has of green waste and cleaned up my mom's garden. Here are some before and after shots of our hard work!



Another view of BEFORE


And this was the pile we left for the pick up!

Each day we did a few hours of work in the garden but also explored a little bit more. I have been going up to Sea Ranch since I was in 7th grade and my parents bought their house there 10 years ago, but what I love about Sea Ranch is that there really is a lot to explore and do! For instance, there is this beautiful chapel there that is very tiny and artistic that we drive past every time but never stop and go in. So - this time we did and I snapped a few great shots.

This is a close up picture of one of the beautiful windows in the chapel:

One of the times Paul & I went up to visit my parents in Sea Ranch my dad took us on this great hike to a little place called "The Hot Spot," named because the trail follows the San Andreas Fault line. It is a really steep hike, but the reward is a beatiful, serene picnic area. When we did this hike with my parents and Grandmother it was tough! I specifically remember half pulling my mother up the trail in the end... Paul and I didn't picnic there but we did go down there to check it out and take some pictures. Next time we take our friends with us though we plan on making them do the hike with us!!!

There are some amazingly tall Redwood trees down at the Hot Spot. I got a picture with one of them and also took one of Paul next to a tree trunk that they dated to be almost a thousand years old!

We also visited the 'neighborhood' winery that is just 7 miles up the road from the beach house. This is somewhat of a tradition for us when we go up there, got to support those little wineries!

Keeping in tune of doing different and new things we stopped at Bodega Bay on the way back and Paul finally took a picture with the Portuguese Beach sign we pass every time. He is so proud....

Meanwhile our kids had a great weekend with the grandparents. They were spoiled and had a great time. Amelia is now up to taking 5 steps!!! And Alex was a very good boy all weekend. Here are some recent photos of them:

Hope you all had a fun and safe weekend as well! Now back to the daily grind!!

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