Saturday, May 30, 2009

Amelia is walking!!!!

Yes you heard it correctly, at 13 months, Amelia is mobile. She has been tentatively taking steps here and there the past few weeks but yesterday and today has really put it all together and now regularly takes 7-10 steps at a time. I finally managed to catch it on camera and video too which makes me happy. I love it when babies first learn to walk, that lovely drunken sailor walk which is just too cute! Amelia is very proud of herself and thinks she is quite clever.

Olivia has also been teaching Amelia some fun things. Amelia is now using a sippy cup and working on feeding herself better. In return, Amelia has been role modeling how to walk and Olivia took her first step today in our kitchen!!!! We were all very excited to witness her first step. The girls have been having a great time playing together.

As usual Alex has been very good with both girls and excited to have Olivia and Kim here visiting. He was up in Amelia's room today trying to read the girls a book and he looked so sweet I had to catch him reading "Goodnight Moon" to them.

We get to keep Kim and Olivia until Monday so we hope to have another fun day with them tomorrow. Stay posted for more pictures! :)

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