Sunday, May 3, 2009

Through the woods to Nana's house we go.....

I am a bad daughter, cousin and friend, let's just get that out there. I have not been up to Sacramento to visit my mom since last July. Of course I see her all the time, but haven't been up to Sacramento for a visit in almost a year. This weekend in honor of Olivia turning one we made the three hour trek up Hwy 99 to Sacramento. Luckily we were able to break up the trip a little by staying overnight in Turlock Friday night and then heading out again Saturday morning. Three hours isn't such a long trip but with a 1 yr old and 3 yr old it can be an eternity. The kids did pretty well, but it still seemed longer than three hours.

As always it was great seeing my cousin Kim. Of all the things I miss about Sacramento she is who I miss the most. We've been such good friends since we were little kids and now that we have daughters only 6 days apart we are even closer.

Being that Kim and Olivia are so important to me I definitely couldn't miss Olivia's first birthday!! My beautiful niece (I know she isn't technically my niece but she calls me Aunt Corinne) was looking super cute for her first, cupcake themed, birthday party. Amelia and Olivia still don't quite know what to make of each other but played together a little bit. Amelia just preferred climbing up on top of Olivia's toys....that girl is such a climber!

Olivia, of Livy as she is called, dove into her cake not quite as quickly as Amelia but still did an excellent job of getting it everywhere which is the way it needs to be on a first birthday.

We also all devourted cupcakes from this amazing bakery named something like "Icing on the Cupcake." They had red velvet cupcakes and cookies and creme as well as other very inventive flavors. Kim said she doesn't have a single one left over everyone loved them so much.

After all the partygoers left Kim and I had some wine and got to catch up. We continued on until this morning when my mom made us all breakfast at her place. We stopped by to see my grandma on our way out of town who is doing great after her hip replacement surgery - up walking without a cane!!

Thanks Mom and Kim for a great weekend, I promise it won't be a year before I return again!!!

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