Thursday, July 9, 2009

My new friend.....

I just had to blog about my new friend, her name is Cricut and she rocks the house! My new Cricut scrapbooking machine arrived Tuesday and I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening up the package and checking out my new toy! I have only made a few projects so far and am still learning all the tricks on this machine, but it is damn impressive!

Here is a thank you card I made for my mom tonight. She paid for the kids swim lessons this year so I wanted something special to give her as a thank you (other than the fact that her grandkids are now a little bit safer in the pool). I got a cartridge for the machine that is all beach/water themed. The machine cut out the card and then I used it to cut out the little saying and scuba boy, cutting out additional colored pieces to layer the card and add color to the scuba diver and saying. I am sure to get a lot of use just out of this cartridge since we are off to the beach again this weekend!

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