Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A sudden loss

This past week has been a tough one on my family. My 32 year old cousin, Jeremey, died suddenly on the morning of July 16th. His death was totally unexpected and has sent shock waves through everyone in our family, as well as his large group of friends. While I had not spoken to him in some time, as children we were close. Being an only child I feel especially close to all of my cousins.

Jeremey is the oldest son of my (paternal) Uncle Michael's three children. Jeremey's sister, Kimberlee, is like a sister to me and I spent a ton of time over at their house as a child swimming, eating ice cream and causing the usual trouble all kids cause. Jeremey was the oldest of all us cousins and we definitely looked up to him. Kim and I have remained close all these years and over the years she had kept me appraised of what Jeremey had been up to, I had hoped to see him at our next family event. I also didn't know Jeremey's daughter, Jasmine, as well as I would have liked. My heart breaks for her, losing a father at such a young age is a terrible thing. Jeremey had been a dedicated father to Jasmine since he and his first wife had divorced, taking full custody of Jasmine and dedicating himself to her well being.

I feel such sadness for a life ended too soon. My heart breaks for my Uncle Michael and Aunt Shari who are having to endure what no parent ever wants to experience, the loss of a child. And my cousins Kim and Paul have lost a sibling, a pain that I can only imagine is debilitating at moments. As I prepare to head up to Sacramento, to assist in anyway I can before Jeremey's funeral, I have been making sure to let my loved ones know how much I love them and giving my kids one extra hug and kiss in the morning - I would encourage you to do the same.

Kim and her big brother Jeremey.

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