Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Planting Jelly Beans

Easter is finally getting close so what is it time to do....? Plant jelly beans of course! Get them in the ground now so you sprout lollipops by Easter!

If you plant some jelly beans in the ground (or in our case a bucket) and leave it outside, the Easter Bunny will come by and sprinkle some magic on the dirt for the jelly beans to grow into lollipops. My kids had a great time putting the jelly beans into dirt yesterday, they didn't even eat them all!

After the jelly beans were planted we waited....and we were lucky enough to be visited by the Easter Bunny today! We didn't actually see him but know he was here since he pooped jelly beans near the bucket. He also sprinkled some of his magic on the dirt so the lollipops will grow.

Can't wait to see some 'buds' in the near future!

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