Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Afternoon date with Alex

Alex has been such a good sport since Amelia has been born (7 months ago!!). He loves his baby sister so much. As I type this he is entertaining her with animal voices on the floor and she is laughing at him. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well he adapted to sharing his mommy with his sister. That being said, he still has his moments when he requires some one on one time. My schedule has been getting busy and is due to get busier next week when I officially assume the role of Clinical Program Manager at work. So today I took off early and picked up Alex from pre-school. We got a mocha and hot chocolate and then hit the bookstore. Alex has been
OBSESSED with the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf so we found him a "three little pigs" book that he wanted. The lady cashier who rang us up told me my son was the cutest, which of course upped his charm 10x more and he offered to read her the book. I think I have a ladies man on my hands.... It was a great afternoon and Alex even threw his arms around me, gave me a kiss and said "I love you so much," unprompted by me at all! I can't believe what a great little man he is becoming.


~cHaNnOne~ said...

Ha ha! "Little pig, little pig, let me in..." He cracks me up! So stinkin cute!

kbrown said...

Oh he is so very adorable, you did a GREAT job. Tell him "I miss him very, very much!"