Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cousin Love

This weekend my cousin Kimberlee (Kimberlily to all of us) visited with her daughter, Olivia Grace. Yes, Olivia Grace and Amelia Grace, they are destined to be best friends. They are 6 days apart (Olivia was 6 days late so she is younger) and had a great time together this weekend as did I with my cousin who is like a sister. I HATE being an only child and feel so fortunate to have such wonderful cousins. Kim has always been like a sister as we are only 4 months apart and grew up playing together constantly. Now we have entered motherhood and are so thrilled that our girls are so close in age and will be so close as they grow up. We will be making the effort despite living 3 hours apart.

Speaking of wonderful cousins, my other cousin, Sarah, came over who is also one of my closest friends and helps me keep my sanity on a daily basis. Sarah also happens to be my kids favorite babysitter. :)

Paul and I are working hard to instill a strong sense of family into Alex and Amelia. Alex was so excited his cousin Kim and Olivia came to visit. He really does love babies and is so good with both little girls. He had a great time playing with his "Aunt" Kim as well. He and Amelia both had a busy weekend - as did I. Hope everyone else out there had a good one as well. :)


Sarah said...

AWWW those pictures are so cute!!!

a made B-log. haha

kbrown said...

Aw, I feel so special! I had a wonderful time and I already miss you guys. I can't wait until next time.