Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Lazy Pajama Sunday

As anyone with kids out there knows, there is no longer such a thing as sleeping in on the weekends. Something Paul and I used to love. Instead we have evolved to getting up at 7 (if we are lucky!) and making breakfast and then lazying around the living room in our pajamas. We read the paper, (the kid's destroy the ads when we are done) drink coffee and maybe do some laundry. I have come to love these lazy days. Although it somewhat goes against my Type A personality of getting things done, I try to calm my OCD tendancies and live in the moment with my family because I know all too soon it will change again and I will be running the kids to soccer practice or birthday parties.

We are especially lazy today because we celebrated Thanksgiving last night with Paul's parents and my mom in Turlock. Due to our busy schedules we celebrated early and had a lovely time. So I am working off my turkey and ham hang over by being extra lazy today. I fixed Alex his first 'warm' cocoa this morning and Paul made us lattes, a great morning. I wish all of you your own lazy day. :)

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