Sunday, November 9, 2008

Entering the world of blogging

After viewing some of my favorite blogs (check out my list!) and seeing how great the postings are I have decided to enter the blogging world. Hello fellowe bloggers and blog readers, I am glad to be here. I made my husband promise not to call me a dork or laugh at me (he did both) but I think this will be a great opportunity to share photos with friends and family of our good times and to provide updates on our lives. We may not have the world's most exciting life, but we are happy which is all that matters to us! My goal is to update this blog weekly with photos and journaling. Hope to see you all around! Feel free to leave me comments!

1 comment:

Channone said...

I think your life is exciting enough, with two little ones running around! To be more exciting, you'd have to have THREE!! :)