Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brand new shoes!

Now that Amelia is walking everywhere, I decided it was time to take her into Stride Rite for her first shoe fitting. Of course by doing this I outraged my husband who was quite upset at the thought of spending $50 on shoes for a 13 month old who will outgrow them in a couple of months. His feelings - kids everywhere have survived on $10 baby shoes and walk straight as adults. My feelings - it is important to get them fitted correctly the first time to see if their feet have anything special needs going on and to make sure they get a great fit. I won in the end, but my mom was also nice enough to step up and offer to pay for the first pair (I may have guilted her into it a little too by reminding her she paid for Alex's first pair...details, details).

Amelia was sweet as pie at the shoe store and I was thrilled that the same kind, patient woman that fit Alex for his first pair was working and helped us this time as well. Amelia was very intrigued as her feet were measured and she tried on several sets of shoes. Unfortunately, my daughter has been blessed and cursed at the same time with narrow feet like me. Blessed that they are going to be lovely slim feet, cursed for Paul and I that we will be continuing to buy shoes at Stride Rite since she will need narrow fit shoes.

After we found a pair that fit properly we got her up to walk and wouldn't you know it, my daughter suddenly forgot how to walk. She could not figure out how to take a step in those shoes. Luckily the very nice sales woman helped her and even took some pictures of Amelia in her new shoes! So for all of you out there, $50 at Stride Rite will buy you baby's first pair of shoes and also a little card with their picture on it!

While us girls were shopping at the mall, Alex and Paul were busy at home. Paul worked on mounting our flat panel television up on our bedroom wall and is starting the work to hide all the wires. After he finishes that he will start painting our room a grey/blue color I have picked out. Every single room in our house has been carefully decorated except for our bedroom, so I decided after 3 years of living in this house it was time to spruce it up a little.

Alex, forever Daddy's little helper, took it upon himself to get his tools and fix the baby gate hinges at the top of the stairs that had broken this week. I LOVE these photos of him because it shows how concentrated he was on fixing these brackets. He will make a wonderful husband one day!

Tomorrow both kids start swim lessons at Amy Morris Swim School, so I am sure to have good stories to share soon!

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