Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sibling love

I was trying to decide what to do for this week's blog post and was going through pictures for ideas, as well as to find pictures to scrapbook and I discovered a lot of cute pictures of Alex and Amelia. I found some cute recent ones, as this one above and some older ones. I am sure anyone that has more than two kids had to field the question of "how does [insert older child's name here] like his/her baby sister/brother?" I feel incredibly fortunate that Alex has loved Amelia since the day she came home.

Now, I said day she came home. Alex was pretty stoked when I was pregnant because his best friend Bridget had recently become a big sister to Baby Courtney, who was an adorable baby. Then we had a 3D ultrasound done and he saw the pictures of Amelia. He looked me straight in the eye and said "I don't want an orange baby, I want a baby sister like Courtney!" We promised him up and down that when Amelia arrived she would not be orange but he was very unsure of things. The day I had Amelia, Alex slowly crept up to my hospital bed and confirmed that Amelia was in fact not orange and looked normal. So, the love of baby sister began. Alex actually never calls Amelia by her name, only Baby Sister or Sissy.

Here is a picture of Alex brushing her hair when she is only a few weeks old just like she is a little doll:

Alex has also been fascinated with putting he and Sissy into boxes and baskets. This started early and continues to this day....

I know Paul was relieved we had a boy first and then a girl so that Alex could always look out for Amelia as she gets older. Of course I have also pointed out that this means she will probably try to date his friends as well....but he just ignores me when I say that. Amelia does look up to Alex so much and copies him all the time. Last weekend when Alex was "fixing" something with his tools Amelia grabbed a hammer and started helping him.

When I look at Alex and Amelia playing (nicely, because they do have their moments trust me!) I think of the lyrics from a great Dave Matthew's song: "Lean upon me, I'll lean upon you and we'll be okay."

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