Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To the coast, to the coast we go....

What can you do when temperatures reach up to 109 degrees? Escape to the beach, and that is exactly what we did this past weekend. Paul and I headed back up to Sea Ranch with our good friends Dave and Debbie to enjoy some nice weather and relaxing times. However, the kids did not go due to the loooooong drive (8 hours door to door) so they had to endure the heat. I know, I know - bad mommy and daddy!

Although it is a long drive it was quite entertaining since we took one car after Turlock and had some interesting conversations. On the course of the drive to and from multiple celebrities died so that gave us much to talk about (RIP Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Billie Mays). We also stopped at this great little lodge on the way up that had incredible views outside and a great bar and fireplace inside!
Paul and Dave goofing around outside the resort...it was freezing!

Dave and Debbie enjoying some wine...

Me and my favorite guy....

We finally got to Sea Ranch around 8 that night and as soon as we pulled onto the road up to my mom's house there was a little family of deer and this one posed and let me take some photos of him or her!

The next day we hung out, went into town for the best Bloody Mary's EVER and oh yeah, had food along with it. That afternoon the guys golfed while Debbie and I watched some movies and read. Very relaxing. Saturday Paul and Dave did some work around the house. Dave was nice enough to do some yard work while Paul fixed the wood box that had rotted through.

After the boys were done Paul and I took Dave and Debbie down on a hike to the Hot Spot. I talked about this on my last Sea Ranch post and it is quite a steep trek but so beautiful. Paul & I took our picnic backpack and packed up some wine and sandwhiches for us to enjoy once we arrived at the bottom. Of course we worked them off climbing back up!

We had great food, great wine and great company all weekend. It was horrible driving back into the heat. We stopped in Bodega Bay for a lunch with our family friends who were lucky enough to be heading up to the coast for the week! We had a great lunch with them but then had to face the valley heat. As we drove back into the valley we watched the thermometer in Paul's car go up and up to 110 degrees! If it wasn't for missing those beautiful children of mine I may have just had Paul turn the car around! But the kids had missed us, even though they had a great time with their grandparents. Both were extra cuddly and gave us lots of love when we picked them up!
Now we just need to get through this very warm week, but at least it is a short week!!

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